My God

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15
My God, please help me… I had no idea of the rigor, determination, and work required of me to study theology. I have three eight week classes this summer. While, I have scored well on the writing assignments, I took three multiple choice/true false quizzes… on those quizzes,  I have not scored like that, since I was an undergraduate in analytical chemistry and theoretical physics!!! While those undergraduate classes were a struggle, You allowed me to master them and my education and do very well academically… but in the beginning it was tuff… But I had the desire to better myself, and education was my hope of a better life. So I hung in there by Your grace. Now, I am not sure why or what this journey is for… Oh, my God…please help me Jesus.
God, I believe that you sent me on this mission. Please help me to be successful. Please help me to push past my human emotions of wanting to quit, feeling humiliated, like a failure, why bother… and all the negative reactions that go with not succeeding academically, when I am used to being very successful in school. Though I do not see your plan for me in this… please help me to trust that the steps I take, are where you have chosen to place my feet. While I do not see the purpose of this journey, please help me to treat it with the same respect that I gave to all the academic degrees I earned before. The ones, I so desperately wanted, because they were the key to improving my financial situation and thus quality of life.

Help me to persevere… I am no stranger to “over coming”, but I thought those days were behind me when it came to formalized studying. My goodness, I do not hear this level of teaching in any churches that I frequent. Bless me to understand my classes… Church History I, New Testament I, and Old Testament I… Please let my scores improve on the quizzes.
Help me to accept the call to study something totally out of my formalized area of study. I am an educator. Please help me to become a theologian. Help me to accept humility and start at the beginning. Grace me to overcome my arrogance “that I already have the highest degree awarded in my field of study”. Let me repent of my sins and transgressions and eagerly submit to the will of God. Help me accept that your grace is sufficient.
Thank You God, praise to the Holy Ghost, in Jesus Name…
God bless… in Jesus Name I pray… Be Happy and Do Good!

4 thoughts on “My God

  1. Your welcome. I enjoy reading your posts. Some of the topics are related to recent lessons from Wednesday night Bible Study classes. The Womens Conference was great. The theme was Christian Women: Broken to Become Servants.

  2. Sharon, I removed the first comment that I wrote because of typographical errors. I was so excited to get my first comment. I am glad that it was positive! I hope that you will continue reading. Thanks again.

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