Power in the Name of Jesus

Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.–Matthew 22:29
There is power in the name of Jesus. I watched a documentary late the other night on Netflix.  It was about a guy interviewing different individuals from different faiths, Islamic, Christianity, etc. He was a comedian by trade, so it was a “hoot”, but not a hoot in a good kind of way. The documentary had a corrupted spelling of the word religion for the title, but I think that a better title would have been “Ridiculology”.  It was ridiculous.

At first, since the host was a comedian, I thought it was intended to be funny. Then I realized that the host appeared to be attempting to conduct a serious inquiry about faith and God. My immediate reaction was to move on to something else to watch. But, it appeared to me that the host was really serious, as though he was searching. I thought to myself, maybe he will find his saving grace on this journey. Further into the program, I realized that he was not searching for God, but maybe trying to disprove God’s existence and discredit Jesus. I felt sad for him. It was incredulous that someone with no answers, admittedly no answers, had the audacity to say that the answers others had were wrong.
While I did not agree with any of the views from anyone that was not an evangelical Christian; and some ideas were outlandish as well as blasphemous, I am focusing on the host. I may respond to some of those philosophical views later. In one scene, a trucker walked out, because he could not tolerate someone attacking his faith like that. I know how the gentleman felt, because it was hard for me to watch the program. If I were not in divinity school, where I am learning how to defend my faith, in the mist of challenges, in a way that is clear to the most “educated” and “faithless” I would have changed the channel at that point.
I know that Jesus in the Son of God and that He is Lord of Lord. Praise to the Holy Spirit. Thank you God for loving me. Thank you God, for the miracle of my life.  Jesus, thank you for the miracles that you do daily, because, it is your good pleasure. One of the individuals tried to tell the host that he left the Jewish faith for Jesus, because Jesus demonstrated his power to him through preforming many small miracles. The host demanded repeatedly that the individual give him an example. Finally, the man told the host, that God made it rain a few seconds after he asked him to. The host made fun… and said that it rains anyway. Maybe he missed the point. It rained when he asked Jesus for rain! Thank you Jesus for allowing me to tremendously improve on the last multiple choice/true false quizzes that I took in my classes on last week.  Thank you for the small miracles. Thank you God, that there is power in the Name of Jesus. The documentary end with the same prospective that it started with for the host…?
God bless… in Jesus Name I pray… Be Happy and Do Good!

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