My Niche

For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name’s sake lead me, and guide me. (Psalms 31:3)Dear God, I think that there is a place, a time, and a season for every Christian to actively work in your kingdom here on earth. Yet, procrastination has embraced my thoughts, sluggishness has possessed my actions, and self-doubt has controlled my speech. Please forgive me in Jesus’ name.

As I commune with you in prayer, I only glimpse your messages, but I know my excuses well. I cannot finish this book that I am writing because it is fiction and the academic religious community might not take me serious, if and when I receive a theology degree, for I want to write for academia. I repent of my arrogance, but not just my arrogance, my fear of failure, and lack of faith as well. May my faith continue to grow, may I always know that there is no failure in you and may grace and favor always abound in my life.

Please grant me wisdom and allow me to try again. Allow me to journey, as you will have me journey and allow me to be of service to your kingdom as you have called me, not as I call myself.

So in the confines of my busy schedule, I will seek to complete this book without excuse. I will endeavor to accomplish the things that you assign to me. I will trust your plan for my life and I will seek favor to achieve the things I have faith to believe. Thank you for hearing me and allowing me to fellowship in your presence.

Finally, as I grow in grace and favor, may others be encouraged and blessed through my ministry, as I live a life that is pleasing to Jesus Christ.

God Bless… I am Wiley’s Granddaughter…

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