Ivy Shaw and the Mystery of the Secret Bumblebee

Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.– Psalms 31:24

Wow, I am writing my second book. The first one, I worked on for over a year, but somehow, never saw the right ending. Then, just as I got over half way finished, eureka, images of the main character as a teenager bombarded me. Challenging her character in the current book, who is a young adult.

The more I wrote. The more I saw this extraordinary introverted individual, facing life and overcoming struggles to blossom into the courageous young adult that I was currently writing about. So, I stopped and started a new book, in order to tell her story. The story that she is daring me to write.

I invite you, the reader, to travel this journey with me to the finish line… publishing of this book. I am in the fifth of week of writing and very excited! This character screams at me to tell her story.  Consumes my thoughts  and compels me to follow along with her in a vividly strange and fascinating world. With anticipation, I wait to see what she has to say.

While I can’t reveal much, at this stage, except maybe, the title so far… Ivy Shaw and the Mystery of the Secret Bumblebee. I will give updates on my progress. I am very excited about this project

God Bless… I am Wiley’s Granddaughter…

       I wrote this post several weeks ago, on a new blog that I created. My daughter inquired as to why I did such a thing. My response was… “Because I’m posting different types of material—religious material and secular material. The book that I’m writing may seem secular… I don’t know… I’m not finished with it yet.”

She smirked at me… not appearing convinced by my rationale.

I went on… “Since, I’m retiring from my job and looking for another one in a couple of months. I’m concerned about what potential employers might think.”

Her response was… “Why? I’m sure that employers will know about religion. Some will be religious!”

I pondered her comments for a long time. I became ashamed… a divinity student  reasoning that way! Why did I feel the need to separate who I am into different compartments? I’m one person—with one set of beliefs.

My daughter is wise beyond her years. She allowed God to use her to give me a message that I needed to hear. To know that the job I was retiring from, He gave to me. The job that I hope to get, He will give to me. I need not be ashamed.

I repented… moved this post to my original blog, which is dedicated to my love of God, Family, Friends, and those that shall come to know Jesus Christ. My blog that reflects my thoughts in earnest, as an individual, guided by the Holy Spirit in her desire to be kept by Jesus Christ.

         While, I may start a new blog in the future, my reason will not be as before…
I pray that the information shared in this blog will be a blessing to each of you who read and interact with it. For it is a blessing to me… to openly express my love of God.
God Bless… I am a Christian. I am Wiley’s Granddaughter… 

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