The Good Shepherd

I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. ≈John 10:11

Calling on Jesus: Overcoming Self-Defeat a weekly devotional journal for self-discovery and personal growth for your best destiny, has 644 names and titles from the Holy Bible that refer to Jesus.

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 As you read the book, check this blog daily for the name selected for “today’s footsteps”.  You may vote, at the bottom of the page, for one of the five I suggest or you may suggest another one. Each day I will share insight about a name from the book. Also, if you have questions or would just like to share your opinion, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s start with “the Good Shepherd,” page 30.

Jesus is “the” good shepherd, not merely “a” good shepherd. His character is unique, honorable, wholesome, good, and wonderful. He is good inwardly and beautiful outwardly. His goodness is innate. Hence, the phrase “the good shepherd” refers to Jesus fundamental goodness, His righteousness, and His beauty. The good shepherd of the sheep, who protects, guides, comforts and encourages His flock.

During Jesus day, the sheep were entirely defenseless and completely dependent upon the shepherd. Sheep were constantly in danger from mudslides, waterfalls, robbers, wolves, snow, dust storms, and scorching sands. The sheep always needed the watchful eye of the shepherd. Even the shepherd was sometimes put in danger and occasionally gave his life to protect the sheep.

Similarly, Jesus gave His life on the cross as “the Good Shepherd” to protect us and give us abundant life. He saved us from destruction. Because of His willing sacrifice, the Lord made salvation possible for all who call on His name.

God Bless… I am Wiley’s Granddaughter.