A Burning Flame Cannot Be Hid Under A Dry Bush

photography of woman using laptop

 If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small. ≈ Proverb 24:10

Lord increase our strength that we may not be disturbed when others try to delete our accomplishments from view. In order to try to hide from sight, honor, where honor is due. Let us know that You are God and Your favor is on our lives. For a burning flame cannot be hidden under a dry bush.

God, we count it all joy when You redirect our paths and trust that all things work together for good because we love You. It is with anticipation that we grow in grace, favor, and prosperity, in spite of workers of iniquity. So it is with a joyful heart that we begin again, renewed, and empowered from the love of Jesus Christ. Looking forward to what we have yet to become. What still, we are to be.

And according to Your Word, whatever we ask, we receive, because we keep Your commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in Your sight. We desire to walk worthy, producing good works, as we grow in the knowledge of You.

Let us be like Joshua, that where we place our feet You will give to us and whatever we put our hands to do, You will prosper. Let us abide in Your love as our foes become our footstools. Then please, show mercy to all of us that love and honor You. That we may love our neighbors as ourselves. That we may recognize, through peace and harmony that the joy of the Lord is our strength, and in You, we have all we need to succeed.

God Bless… I am Wiley’s granddaughter.