Isn’t That Just Like God

Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. ~ John 20:29.

Thomas lived in Galilee. He worked, most likely as a fisherman. When Jesus called him, Thomas followed and for three years he served as one of Jesus’ twelve disciples. Even though, Thomas had a limited role in the synoptic gospels, he becomes an important figure towards the end of John. Where tradition, has labeled him as “Doubting Thomas”.

Yet, when I read about the Apostle Thomas, I’m reminded of how gracious and merciful God is towards those that He loves. Isn’t that just like God, to take the time to consider someone who doesn’t even have to be considered? The humility that Jesus Christ displayed towards Thomas, exemplifies the virtuous nature of His divine character.

The word Thomas is Aramaic for “the twin”. Three of the four verses in John refer to Thomas, as Didymus, which is Greek for “the twin”. Many believe that his nickname meant, he was a twin. While others think that Didymus might have been his actual name. In Matthew 10:3, Thomas is paired with Matthew and in Acts 1:13, we see him paired with Philip. Though, Thomas became synonymous with doubting. However, only viewing Thomas as a doubter, might be misleading.

Thomas wasn’t present at the first appearance of Jesus Christ after the resurrection. The gospels don’t tell us why. But for consideration, one might see Thomas as an individual that wasn’t going to be deceived, mislead, or gullible. Just because Thomas wanted proof, maybe, it was the confirmation that he was desperate to believe.

Is it possible that Thomas valued a personal account of what he was told? Is it possible that Thomas was brave enough to be honest with Jesus about how he felt? When he asked for proof… Nevertheless, Jesus provided the exact proof that Thomas needed. Jesus didn’t scold Thomas. He simply reminded him that the evidence He offered was enough. He allowed Thomas to touch Him and know that He was real, according to John 20:20-29. What a great lesson on faith from the perspective of Thomas! What a beautiful example of humility by the Master Teacher!

Thomas, an honest, seeking, and courageous man. Gets transformed into a loving, faithful, and devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. With the kindness and willingness of Jesus to provide him proof, Thomas became a sincere lifelong believer and martyr for Jesus Christ.

For many are blessed that believe and haven’t seen. Yet, isn’t that just like God, to touch us in love and let us know that He is real… Even in the mist of our doubting and unbelief, the love of God can find us and change us. For His love, makes us better than we know, that we can be…

God Bless… I am Wiley’s granddaughter.

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