An Awesome Exchange: Beauty for Ashes

Sometimes we feel wounded, discouraged and defeated. Things happen that cause us to tremble within the deepest parts of our souls… where only God can see and give comfort. In times like those—we learn—from Isaiah 61:3 that God gives beauty for ashes.

In biblical times, it was customary for people to sit in ashes. Or cover themselves with ashes to express their grief over a tragedy (2 Sam 13:19), sorrow over a public disaster (Esther 4:1), or heartache connected to their own repentance of sin (Jonah 3:5-7). Ashes were linked to pain, loss and suffering—linked to the struggles of the flesh.

Today, we still find hope and encouragement in Isaiah 61:3. God is still just and merciful. He forgives, heals and restores. Beauty for ashes is God’s promise that He delivered us from our troubles through Jesus Christ. So, we can break-free from our fears, sorrows, worries, and false conclusions about ourselves and others. We can overcome our struggles!

What an amazing exchange? God takes the ashes of sorrow, pain, despair, hurt and tears… then gives us the beauty of joy, healing, peace of mind, prosperity and blessings. Let’s trust the report of the Lord and watch beauty come from ashes.

God Bless… I am Wiley’s granddaughter.

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