Letting Go and Holding On

But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded. ~ 2 Chronicles 15:7

Tommy and I visited our daughter Emily a few weekends ago. A highlight of our trip was the laughs we got from watching her dog Benji (2½-yrs old) and our dog Kobie (10-yrs old) interact. Kobie behaved in a way that we had never seen before.

Benji was a tiny puppy when Kobie met him over two years ago. We taught Kobie to be careful when playing with Benji. But, somehow Kobie became overly obliging to Benji. He always let Benji take his treats. He quickly gives Benji the toy that he is playing with—even when it is his toy. And, he constantly allows Benji to nudge him out of his spot on the couch.

However, on this particular day—Kobie wasn’t having it! Emily and I witnessed the whole thing. Kobie had Benji’s toy. Benji wanted it back. So, began the drama… We laughed and giggled. . . then laughed some more! Emily snatched up her phone and started videoing.

The video is worth a thousand words…

After Tommy and I returned home, Emily texted me the video. I watched it… laughing each time! Over and over, again! I must have watched it at least five times!

Then… I realized that there was a message here. Watching Benji and Kobie wrestled over the toy… reminded me that we too wrestle over situations and circumstances. Trying to decide what to do. What is wrong! What is right! Should I say “yes” or “no”?  Should I let go or hold on? Just what is the best course of action at this place and time in my life?

Sometimes, in the same situation… letting go is the right thing to do… And holding on is the right thing to do. It is God’s grace and wisdom that lets us know—which is which—and when to do each!