Guarding Our Hearts for God

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Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. ~ Proverbs 4:23

The biblical narrative about the Israelites and Pharaoh (capital “P” denotes numerous pharaohs during this historical time) comes to mind when I consider the seriousness of guarding our hearts. In Exodus 1-18, we learn of the exchange between Moses and Pharaoh. We witness the love of God for His people through miraculous events. We also observe God’s compassion towards Pharaoh. For, He sent Moses to warn Pharaoh numerous times.

We may never think of ourselves as Pharaoh. But. . . How many times have God told us to do something and we refused? How many times have we chosen wrong over right? How many warnings will we receive? These are profound questions to ponder before facing a pivotal moment—a “Pharaoh Moment”.

A “Pharaoh Moment”—an irrevocable instance—when God’s protecting grace rejects the persistent unrepented conceit of a person’s defiant heart. A “Pharaoh Moment” symbolizes when the heart of a person decides to place his or her flawed ideology above the well-being of others; outside the will of God. At a “Pharaoh Moment” God hardens his heart (Exodus 14:8). At a “Pharaoh Moment” an individual may shimmer as reprobated silver for all to see.

We must humble ourselves to avoid a “Pharaoh Moment”. We must acknowledge that God is our authority. Scripture affirm that we do not have permission to redefine right or wrong, good or evil, love or hate—nor exalt our will above God’s will. Realize that the most atrocious and absurd malice are not actual threats to God’s purposes. Since God can guide even the most vicious wickedness toward His plan to bless any situation or person that He chooses. God’s purpose cannot be subverted or prevented by a “Pharaoh Moment”.

Embracing a “Pharaoh Moment” does harm to the hard-hearted person…

Dear God in Jesus name. . . Thank You, God. . . for allowing us to recognize the danger in a “Pharaoh Moment”—a time of duplicity and disobedience. We pray to always submit our hearts to Your Word and Your will, especially in times of trouble and trials. We avow that we have a heart for You. Amen.

God bless… I am Wiley’s granddaughter.

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