A Promise Kept

“You’ve no course work in religious studies or theology, so the most that you might be eligible to apply for is something at the master’s level,” the divinity school counselor said. A wave of defeat washed over me, although I knew that he was making a fair and honest assessment of my potential for acceptance into a divinity program at the University.

What was I thinking? Was I out of my mind walking in there, expecting to enroll in a doctorate level divinity program… God are you sure this is what I’m supposed to be doing, I thought to myself, as I looked around the counselor’s scholarly office. Even in my disappointment, I remembered to thank the young man for taking the time to interview me. Though, I informed him that I would not be submitting an application. It’s strange how vividly somethings, you remember word for word, after so many years.

“Dear God, if you let me go over to the education department and get a doctorate, I promise You, I’ll come back. I will come back to ministry,” I whispered. “God I already have two masters and an education specialist degree, please let me go get my doctorate in education… first,” I continued my plea. With a quick, disillusioned glance back at the divinity school building, I strolled towards the college of education on a windy day in May of 2005.

Three years later, with a doctorate in hand, I became troubled, because I saw no possibility of keeping my promise to God, by going to divinity school. With each promotion at work, with each new responsibility, with each new challenge, I felt hopeless to fulfill my promise as I reaped the benefits of the new doctorate degree.

Then one day in 2013, God smiled on me and the opportunity presented itself. I rushed towards the opened door. A door that I thought was closed to me forever, because of the choice that I had made years ago. Through obstacle, after obstacle, moments of wanting to give up and times of doubting if God had called me into ministry. But, like a lost child following a trail of breadcrumbs, with each morsel found, I knew that I was called and that I was on the right path as the Holy Spirit guided my footsteps.

Finally, on May 14, 2016, the merciful God, allowed me to keep the promise that I had made to Him over ten years before. I walked across the stage to receive a master’s degree in divinity with the utmost praise and gratitude. For I’m not great, nor do I have powerful relatives or friends. I’m just Your humble servant. A servant that You have allowed to study Your word. A servant that You have given a love for Your people, who I might tell about Your goodness. Surprisingly, I am reminded of Solomon.

For years, when I heard the story about Solomon’s wisdom found in 2 Chronicles 1 and 1 Kings 3, I always thought that Solomon didn’t ask for riches because he was already wealthy. However, now I know better. He didn’t ask for riches because he wanted to serve God and His people to the best of his ability. So, Solomon was honest and did not pretend to possess skills, which he did not have. Instead, he asked God to give him what he knew he needed, “wisdom and knowledge”.

Dear God, in Jesus name, may I always have health, wealth, and prosperity. Give me the wisdom, the knowledge, and the resources to do Your will as I share the Gospel. Please let Today’s Footsteps Ministry be a blessing… To all people.