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Today’s Footsteps Book Club


Dear Readers,

My daughter texted me this link and said, “Mom you’ve got to watch this. Let me know when you’re finished, because… we’ve got to talk about it.”

The excitement in her voice caused me to get excited. I’ve always found Bishop Jakes’ wisdom to be profound and easily understandable. So, I said, “Sure.”

The interview was amazing! Funny, encouraging, thought-provoking, eye opening—but most of all inspiring! I felt as if pockets of my mind were renewed. As if someone had given me this incredible gift that I didn’t even know that I needed. I wanted more… I told my daughter that we should order the book and read it together.

Then… as if God whispered the idea into my mind… I heard… Start an online inspirational book club, and share what you’re learning—and—listen to what others have to say.

So, welcome to Today’s Footsteps Book Club! A book club for those who enjoy reading and discussing inspirational books… fiction or nonfiction… especially those with Christian themes.

The plan is to select and read one book a month, then discuss it together. I will post some questions/quotes the week before our scheduled online meeting date. This should give everyone time to prepare for our group discussion.

Wow! Our first book! We’ll be reading, Soar!: Build Your Vision from the Ground Up by T. D. Jakes for the month of March. We’ll discuss the book online the last Saturday in Month, which is March 30th. The book club meeting will be from 11:00 to 12:00 o’clock noon EST.

If you fancy being inspired, get your book—read it—and please join us.

God Bless,


P. S. If you’re interested in joining my digital book club, you may contact me using the form below… Happy Reading!