Get to Know Emma

Hello! I’m a Christian, wife to Tommy, mom to Emily, and pet parent to Kobie. I never acquired a taste for coffee. Globes and maps fascinate me. I’m a humble INTJ, a skeptical Leo, and an admirer of Frappuccino drinkers. . .

When I was five years old, I left my Crayola crayons outside in the hot summer sun all day. They melted! One of my earliest— fondest memories—involved figuring out that I could still color with them. I’ve enjoyed writing, drawing, and painting since I was a child. I wrote poetry and short stories and won a few art contests in high school. I took several art classes in college. When I was a senior in college my art instructor asked me to change my major to a fine arts degree program. I didn’t. However, my passion for fine arts and creative writing has never left me.

I appreciate traveling and experiencing new cultures, walking along sandy beaches, and reading good books with unexpected happy endings. I think that words are powerful and with them, we can call things into existence. So, feel free to pull up a chair and stay awhile or “run carefree” through the pages of Today’s Footsteps. You are invited to make this a place of fellowship, a time to reflect, and a source of inspiration. I hope that you come across a blog post, painting, short story, photograph. . . something encouraging that brings you joy and reflect the love of Jesus during your visit

So, with Today’s Footsteps. . . enjoy the journey – love, laugh, & learn. . . grow in grace and favor. . . be inspired today! Let’s let our God-given – talents be our manner of living. . . of being. . . our lifestyle! As we trust God’s word to be a lamp unto our feet and a light along our path (Psalm 119:105).

In case you are seeking a more formal overview, the following represents some selected highlights: Click here.

God Bless…