Hello… And Welcome!

me againI’m Emma Louie, a southerner who now lives in the northeast. I’d never heard of studded snow tires, flat-landers or creemee until a few years ago. But just as this website is a work in progress, adventurous, and adaptable–so am I.

Welcome to Today’s Footsteps, where I muse out loud about a variety of topics.

Feel free to pull up a chair and stay a while or run carefree through the pages. You’re invited to make this a place of fellowship, a time to reflect, and a source of inspiration.

I’m a Christian who enjoys meeting and learning from fellow believers, as well as, those who hold different views and opinions. I have a bachelor’s degree in general science, master’s degrees in science education, educational administration, and theological studies; an education specialist degree in educational administration; a graduate certificate in pastoral counseling; and a doctorate degree in educational leadership. Hence, this eclectic–it’s hard to be just one thing–approach to living and learning in a state of grace and joy.

I deem myself a life long learner, who knows that formalized education is just a part of education. I value the fact that learning reaches beyond the classrooms and words are a most powerful vehicle for sharing ideas and transforming lives. Words allow us to share a narrative beyond a single idea, a single story, a single prospective. Words tell us who we can be. . . long before we believe in our destiny.

So, as we make today’s footsteps. . . along the path of our chosen journey–know that there is power in words. . . whether fiction or nonfiction.

God Bless…