Dr. Emma Louie

Welcome to Today’s Footsteps, a place where I muse out loud about Christian ethics, race, culture and other things that I hope you will find interesting and useful.

This niche is eclectic and constantly evolving. At first glance, it may seem to have an identity crisis—but look closer—it’s just diverse and responsive, reflecting the nuances of life.

So, feel free to pull up a chair and stay awhile… or run carefree through its pages. You’re invited to make this a place of fellowship, a time for renewal, and a source for inspiration.

I write with a Christian worldview from a position of love, humility, and victory. I enjoy meeting and learning from others who share different views and opinions. I worship God in Jesus’ name with a grateful heart, inquisitive mind, and respect the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I hold master’s degrees in general science, educational administration and theological studies, an education specialist degree in educational administration, as well as, a graduate certificate in pastoral counseling and a doctorate degree in educational leadership.

This blog is designed to support, encourage, and empower a quest to be your best self. Visit often, as I will share book reviews, journal articles, short stories and other writings. I will also post music that I am musing.

Finally, you will find some of my drawings, photos, videos, and reflections that engage cultural events both past and present through the eyes of an African American. In the grace and favor of God, Life is a Journey—laugh, love, learn, and lead in spiritual humility.

Thanks for visiting… may God’s richest and best always be yours,