Dr. Emma Louie

Thank you for visiting my blog. I believe that you will come again and make this a place for fellowship.

I will share with you my interest in theology, biblical principles, education, equity, religion and other topics.

I write with a Christian worldview from a position of love, humility, and victory. I worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with a grateful heart and inquisitive mind.

I declare with faith and hope according to the Word of God. As I reflect in favor and awe on His amazing and wonderful works of creation.

I trust that your life will be enlightened and inspired by this blog and that your love for Jesus will continuously grow.  I encourage you to visit my website www.todaysfootsteps.org, where I share book reviews, journal articles, books, drawings and other things of interest .

*Unless otherwise stated all scriptures referenced are from the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible.