Hello! I am a Christian blogger. I never acquired a taste for coffee. Globes and maps fascinate me. I am a humble INTJ—a skeptical Leo—and an admirer of Frappuccino drinkers. . .

Dr. Emma Line Louie

I enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures, walking along sandy beaches, viewing fine art, and reading good books with unexpected happy endings. I think that words are powerful and with them we can call things into existence. So, feel free to pull up a chair and stay a while or run carefree through the pages of Today’s Footsteps. You’re invited to make this a place of fellowship, a time to reflect, and a source of inspiration.

My first teaching job was at my alma mater, where I taught biology, chemistry and physics. I have been a public school administrator and a school district superintendent, as well as, an education coordinator for a state agency of education. I have held various church roles—in the areas of—youth leadership, devotional services, Vacation Bible School teacher, Christian Education Board member, and led small group ministry. Currently, God is allowing me to serve in a leadership position in private Christian education.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in general science, master’s degrees in science education, educational administration, and theological studies; an education specialist degree in educational administration; a graduate certificate in pastoral counseling; and a doctorate degree in educational leadership. Hence, this eclectic–it’s hard to be just one thing–approach to living and learning keeps me in a state of grace and joy.

I deem myself a life long learner, who knows that formalized education is just a part of education. I value the fact that learning reaches beyond the classrooms and lecture halls . . . to park benches, alleyways, and sun drenched beaches where words are powerful vehicles for sharing ideas and transforming lives. Words allow us to offer a narrative beyond a single idea, a single story, a single prospective. Words tell us who we can be. . . long before we believe in our destiny.

So, with today’s footsteps. . . Enjoy the journey–love, laugh, & learn. . . be inspired daily! Know that being a Christian involves our whole self. It is our manner of living. . . of being. It is our lifestyle! Therefore, let us trust God’s word to be a lamp unto our feet and a light along our path (Psalm 119:105).

God Bless…