Welcome to Today’s Footsteps, a place where I muse out loud about ethics, race, culture, education, religion and other things I find of interest. I hope that you’ll see my perspective as engaging and useful.

Miles Davis said, “It takes a long time to sound like yourself”. I’ve spent the past five years trying to sound like me as I express the simplest of thoughts. After years of formalized education and decades slip-sliding in the school of life’s lessons, I strive to embrace wisdom, inspiration and hope. I don’t have all the answers, only a desire to continue to seek. . .

So, feel free to pull up a chair and stay awhile. . . or run carefree through the pages. You’re invited to make this a place of fellowship, a time to reflect, and a source of inspiration. A dear friend of mine husband is known for saying “Living ought to lead to learning and learning ought to lead to living”. . . a concept in progress with daily updates.

I share with you from a position of love, humility, and victory. I enjoy meeting and learning from others who may have different views and opinions. I worship God in Jesus’ name with a grateful heart, inquisitive mind, and respect the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I hold master’s degrees in general science, educational administration and theological studies, an education specialist degree in educational administration, as well as, a graduate certificate in pastoral counseling and a doctorate degree in educational leadership.

This blog quests to promote understanding, knowledge and wisdom, while grasping meaning and truth from the human story. It offers a lens to see as I see–as others see–thankful for the genuineness of multiple narratives.

Life is a Journey—laugh, love and learn . . . by inspired daily.

King regards,